Take control of a friendly-but-deadly Mech unit

Take control of a friendly-but-deadly Mech unit. Face endless hordes of corrupted machines, gear up, and improvise your way out of trouble in this action-packed, futuristic top-down shooter..

Fast-paced combat that will test your skills and reflexes
Hand-crafted levels tailored for intense and tightly measured challenges
A friendly mech unit in a beautiful but hostile world
Deadly weapons and upgrades unlocked with progression


>> What is

Uragun is a single-player, action-packed futuristic top-down shooter and the player is tasked to control a friendly-but-deadly mech unit

>> How can I
get the game?

The game is currently available on Steam Early Access!

>> What is the content for
Early Access launch?

3 locations, 25+ missions, 10+ enemy types, 5 weapons and 4 special attacks. More to come soon!

>> How can i contact
the dev team?

Join our official Discord server at: discord.gg/z6rJm8e